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Bodog Poker offers a great sit-n-go tournament for beginner players. These are 10 players, single table sit-n-go’s where the top five players get in the money. With 5 players getting paid, the odds of making money are better than in regular sit-n-go tournaments.

The Bodog beginner tournaments have buy-in’s of $2.20, $4.40, $8.80, $17.60, and $35. To give you an example of the payout structure, here’s how a $2.20 pays out:

1st – $6
2nd – $5
3rd – $4
4th – $3
5th – $2

So, while 5th place doesn’t make you a profit, you’ll recover the majority of your buy-in. Anything over 4th place adds money to your bankroll.

In the Bodog beginner tournaments, it’s smart to play a conservative game until you get into the money. While 1st place pays more than 5th, the first goal is to get into the money. At that point, pick up the pace and see if you can get your hands on some chips.

Early in the tournament while the worst players are still at the table, try to see a lot of cheap flops any time you have a hand with potential. Suited connectors and small pairs aren’t worth raising pre-flop since you’ll get called most of the time – but they’re great to see cheap flops with. If you can hit a big flop, you might be able to take down a large pot. Try the Beginner Tournaments Now.

Don’t be afraid to make big bets when you know you hold the best hand. There are a lot of loose/bad players who will pay you off …make them pay for it. If you scare everyone away, so be it, but try to win big pots in these situations.

A major benefit of winning a big pot early is that it allows you to sit back and be more patient. You’ll have the ability to wait for real starting hands, and also the ability to lose a few small pots without becoming short-stacked. Read about the Bodog Poker download process and how to get a 110% bonus up to $500.

In the middle stages of the tournament when you’re down to 6-8 players, play smarter and let your opponents beat each other up. If you have a decent sized stack, don’t risk too much of it on marginal hands. Also, it’s still too early to be bluffing. Preferably you won’t start bluffing until you’re in the money and already have a profit in the books.

As you get closer to making the money, pay close attention to your opponents chip stacks. Stay aware of who has the pressure on them, and who doesn’t. If someone is down to 300 chips with only 6 players still in the tournament, don’t be risking too many chips. Let that person get knocked out first and get yourself into the money. Be patient.

Once you’ve made it into the money, it’s not a bad idea to wait 4-5 hands before you play. Unless you get a monster hand, the game generally loosens up right after the bubble has been popped. Generally someone will be short-stacked and tired of nursing it. Give them a chance to blow off their chips to someone, moving you into no worse than 4th place (guaranteed profit).

Down to four players, now is finally the time to start playing real poker. Typically the players who are left are better players than those who’ve been knocked out. You’re more likely to get away with bluffs, and you’ll be able to steal blinds with better success. Your stack, your table image, and your opponents level of aggression should tell you what to do from here on out.

If your table is playing very tight, become more aggressive pre-flop and steal some blinds. If the table is loose and players are battling it out hand after hand, tighten up and let your opponents hurt each other. Another player or two might get knocked out, moving you up the prize ladder.

The Bodog beginner tournaments are an easy way for smart players with small bankrolls to slowly but surely build their account balance. With a sportsbook and casino feeding their poker tables, Bodog is one of the fishiest poker sites online. You aren’t going to win any huge paydays, but you can consistently win small amounts without risking too much of your money. They’re also a lot of fun!

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